The 'beauty fix' fast going around is already becoming the go to trend for ladies with thin/sparse or no brows at all. It's been described as 'brow tattoo', a lasting beauty solution for ladies without 'fleeking' brows.


Before now the 'shave it all and tattoo on' form of brow tattoo was in but ladies soon discovered the trend gave them 'one permanent look', the process when done looks overly done and it can't be reversed!

Getting the brows draw on -with pencil, fillers etc soon became a trend ladies followed religiously but it soon became a chore especially for the working class who would rather not spend so much time fixing only the brows!

Fast forward to 2016 and Microblading is fast becoming the go to process. Described as 'slightly painful' which may vary according to different pain threshold, the process involves a TRAINED beautician implanting pigment under the skin by drawing 'hairlike' strokes -as natural looking as strands of brows- with a tool.

The beauty process involves prepping the client, booking an appointment with an average two (2) hours dedicated to the process with touch ups done around every six months. The trained beautician applies numbing cream on the area before starting microblading and top up within application to reduce any feeling of discomfort around the area.

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After the process, brows will look overly darker but will fade gradually overtime, mild swelling, redness and itchiness and more are recorded in the process but will wear out in little time, moisture is not advised around the area as well while it heals!

The process lasts up to 2 to 3 years depending on the skintype (oily skins are prone to wear out faster) and lifestyle. It is the new trend for ladies and it's available in Lagos already!

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Watch what the process looks like. Would you try microblading?