Transforming a day

For a super glam makeup look for the night, its best to bring on a bit of drama as whatever look done during the day just isn't going to have the same effect once the sun goes down no matter how perfect it is.

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It's best for the working class/mobile lady to perfect how to switch up looks for each time of the day! Every lady should learn how to take switch/fierce up a makeup look perfectly from day-to-night (and vice versa) without looking funny!

Transitioning from day to night is about adding more drama and life to the face; from a bolder eyeshadow to colourful lips and other shimmery/bolder bits, balancing each against the other a day-to-nightime look should be one to be nailed everytime.

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Tolu Fagbayi of Rouge Addiction shares the perfect way to go from day to night and it's a must try out!