Fixing weaves, braiding and tugging and pulling at the hair all the time definitely result in hair loss.

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The hair is as delicate as any other part of the body and should be handled with care and treated with great products to keep it healthy. Everyone knows deep down that not allowing the hair to breathe by braiding, wearing weaves all the time weakens it and this was intensified by a recent post from a revered stylist in the US.

Jasmine Collins of Atlanta’s Razor Chic shared series of Instagram post documenting the poor state of hair of some of her clients who are used to sew-ins and braids. She shared a video of one of her clients, a 23-year old who suffer from severe hair loss with a caption, "This baby is 23 years old and suffering from severe hair loss due to braids, sew-ins, quick weaves, etc… Just by her letting me post this will change lives all across the world. Thank u for being a blessing.”

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She however noted that it's not enough to style the hair but take actual care of it as well as visit haircare professional who will make sure your hair gets stronger and healthier, “Again let me say that I’m not anti-weave, u just cannot live by it on an everyday basis. I tell people all the time, clients are chasing styles and stylists are chasing the dollar and ain’t nobody listening to the hair. This has to stop!!!”

Pulling natural hair in weaves and braids all the time causes split ends, breakage, weak hair and loss especially of the front hair/edges which is usually never a pretty sight.

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If you must wear weaves or braids do those at intervals making sure to give natural hair the best treatment while at but a much better alternative is to wear more wigs, switch it up in fabulous styles to give the desired look, that way the natural hair is protected.