The revered beauty vlogger and  Youtube sensation who teased the trends to ditch topic on Instagram recorded over 4,000 (four thousand comments) immediately with people talking trends they want gone!

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Superficial highlight takes centrestage as ladies especially are over the overly-shiny 'fleeking' highlights some Instagram artists have turned into something else. 'Freckles' (done with makeup) also make the list of trends to totally ditch (this was way overdone in 2016 and were seriously not cute!).

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Clear/PVC shoes make a fashion trend to ditch; made popular by Kim Kardashian for husband Kanye West's Yeezy brand, the shoe trend is billed to be trashed for 2017. Overly done face, products and more made Jackie Aina's list, do you agree? Whats on your 'ditch list' as 2017 beckons?