When ignored, dark circles emphasise the tiredness of the face and often leave the face/makeup lacklustre, dull and untidy, to avoid funny looking makeup it's best the dark areas are masked well.

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1. Setting the undereye area to hide the dark circles starts with choosing the right concealer which is better pigmented in orange for dark skin types as it neutralizes the dark areas and matches the skintone perfectly.

2. Afterwards the concealer/colour corrector should be applied by GENTLY TAPPING product into the dark area.

3. Gently dab product around the area (gently pushing into the skin to achieve a seamless coverage with a beauty blender or fingers which is best!) then gently dust off.


4. Apply (lightweight) setting powder lightly over it, leave it on for a few minutes and brush/buff away lightly.

This works to keep the dark areas blended well with other areas of the face and lasts the whole day.