In March, Nyakim Gatwech,a US-based Sudanese model, was sitting in an Uber on her way to a job interview when her driver, who she described as a “light-skinned black man,” asked if she’d ever consider bleaching her considerably darker skin tone for $10,000. Nyakim shared this story online and it went viral with many commenting on how beautiful her skin was.

Since then, her modelling career has taken off considerably with everyone wanting a piece of the South Sudanese model. Her latest job however, may be her biggest and most important yet.

Nyakim was revealed as the face of new collection for Canadian-based cosmetics company Annabelle Cosmetics. The gorgeous model is pictured sporting her short hair, wearing a vibrant mustard yellow blouse and reflective yellow sunglasses. Her beautiful skin is offset beautifully by her bold pink and orange lipstick.

Speaking about the campaign on her Instagram, Nyakim wrote:

Hi everyone I would like to say the wait is final over Annabelle introduces the EDGE COLLECTION, a geometric makeup line inspired by all the confident, unconventional and strong women.Comfortable in their own skin, but also sensual and passionate, they are proud of who they are. For them, edge is not a style, it’s an attitude! They dare to be bold and different. For them, edge is simply being Fearless. I can’t wait to see you guy try them out I’m so grateful to be the face of this amazing campaign. Head over to  and see more of these amazing colors can wait to hear your thoughts on it❤?

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The beauty industry has been called out by many influencers for discriminating against women of colour particularly when it comes to foundation ranges and many have complaining of not 'being seen' by an industry that they have embraced and is yet to embrace them in return.

This move by Annabelle Cosmetics, prominently featuring a women of colour in their campaign is definitely a step in the right direction and a way of showing other mainstream beauty brands how to do inclusion, the right way!