The trend started out as a beauty hack by beauty vlogger @officialnadi showing how to use egg as a beauty sponge/blender and a lot of people have joined suit trying to perfect everyday beauty routine with the 'trending hack'.

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Beauty bloggers and enthusiasts started using hard boiled egg as a 'blender/makeup sponge' for this fascinating hack and it's fast catching on.

Beauty blogger (Nadi) who put up a video using it first uses hardboiled eggs as blending sponge, the egg is boiled hard with the shell peeled off and then used it to blend in products on the face (surprisingly the finished results have been impressive as it blends seamless!).

Another makeup enthusiast; Esther Gbudje showed how to use egg for seamless makeup application on Instagram and she's gotten rave reviews! The hack has gone viral and it's a trend a lot of people are fascinated by!

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Would you try using egg as a beauty blender?

Watch Nadi use hardboiled egg in a beauty video.