Oily hair can be very unattractive, prone to dandruff, itches, lacklustre and plain unhealthy.

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While it's great to wash and moisturize the hair regularly - noting that un serious oily hair issues can be treated simply by changing your hair routine/adopting simple home remedies to treat it.

But it your hair is left unhealthy as a result of oiliness, avoid washing it with hot water as this stimulates the hair, producing more oil instead use lukewarm water. Also avoid brushing your hair as this will distribute the oil around the entire head which makes it worse.

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To tame oily hair, here are simple steps to fix it with baby powder:

- Pour a generous amount of baby powder in your hands

- Rub all through your hair

- Then brush hair gently

- Wash this out with lukewarm water and style as desired.