Beyonce and Rihanna are amongst the hottest and most curvy women on the planet. Both have all it takes for a man to put a ring on it. Today, we put two of them on the spot to find out which one has the roundest, firmest and hottest butt since they seem to flaunt it at every occasion.

Beyonce has drastically lost weight and maybe a size 6 at the moment but before now, she was one black woman with a huge behind. Men won't care stirring hard when they see her in a hot bikini or bomb shorts. Now that she's lost some chuck of weight – maybe due to losing post-baby weight or her Mrs. Carter World Tour stress – she still brings it!

At the just ended Grammy Awards, she stole the show in a trés sexy Michael Costello sheer white dress on the red carpet but not as much as her dark thong attire on stage. While we are not exactly sure what that dance move – hanging her butt in the air – would be called, Bey looked like she was straining something.

Well, Rihanna also is everyman’s dream woman given how curvy she is. She’s been consistent in showing off her every body part – boobs, butt, legs, and eyes – and there’s no doubt that RiRi rocks in everything she wears, or not wear.

In her recent photo shoot with Vogue Brazilia, RiRi was seen displaying her boobs to the world before dashing off for a swim in a black thong bikini, not forgetting her butt show-off with BFF, Melissa Ford in the same Brazil. Who wouldn’t want to her butt?

Because Queen Bey has lost that much of weight, she and RiRi seem to be on the same size now, both can’t stop hanging their round butts in the air at all times and both have men, women, kids drooling for attention; So, whose butt is hotter?

Guys please tell us what we don’t know!