During the Christmas and New Year season you’ll be jumping from party to party so pay attention to these precautionary tips, they can save your life.

1. Watch what you eat, you don't want food poisoning for Christmas.

2. Control your alcohol : Abundance of booze is also synonymous with festive season, drink your booze minimally but NEVER on an empty stomach.

3. Use Protection : No one is saying don't have random hookups during this time, we only advice you choose wisely and use a condom, entering the new years with herpes or worse a kid you didn't plan absolutely sucks.

4. Weight gain : If you have been hitting the gym all year round and you are comfortable body shape and weight don't ruin it during Christmas, most people tend to put on more pounds during the festive season from all the food they have stuffed in.

5. Over-eating : Tendencies  to overeat heightens during the festivities so its wise to have a sachet of Andrews liver salt close by to relief your gastrointestinal discomfort.

6. Rest : Lets face it, there are parties every day from Christmas till new year, that doesn't mean you should attend all, pick the most important ones. Party hopping isn't healthy for you, the festive season maybe a time to be happy and merry but its also a time to rest.

7. Drink driving : Dont drink and drive, car accidents are common during the holiday season because people returning from parties with a high blood alcohol level get behind the wheel.

8. Keep your body hydrated : Dont forget to drink a lot of water. During the holidays there is abundance of carbonated drinks and booze but don't forget water is the most important drink this holidays, to flush out all the toxins from all the food and drinks you have had.