Breakfast is the first meal of the day and also the first to recharge the body since the body works all night while you sleep; making jump starting them a necessity the next day. There are loads of reasons to recharge your body when you wake up; it is equally important to make the choice of breakfast healthy.

1) It Helps Weight Loss

Eating breakfast has been proven to help weight loss. For instance, slow down your metabolism by taking oatmeal and eggs in the morning.

2) Reduces The Risk of Getting A Heart Attack

Studies reveal that providing adequate nutrition first thing in the morning reduces the risk of getting heart attack.

3) It Helps You To Be More Alert

Breakfast fires up your body and keeps you alert for the better part of the day.

4) Increases Energy

Eating breakfast ensures your energy level is up and keep you productive through the day. Including eggs in your breakfast is a sure way to stabilize your blood glucose level and have more energy.

 5) Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Taking a regular breakfast has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes because when you do help to regulate the blood sugar level.

Remember to keep your breakfast healthy and work a way to get fruits in them; you will be good for it.