Influenza, commonly referred to as the ‘flu’ is one of the easiest contagious diseases people catch. The flu is accompanied by a runny or blocked nose,cough, throbbing headache,a sore throat and a fever. Its important to nip the flu in the bud before it becomes worse or it can lead to more severe diseases like pneumonia.

Instead of running to get  a prescription from your doctor each time it happens here are some home remedies you can whip up in your kitchen to send the flu packing.

1. Vitamin C: Increase your intake of vitamin C if you are down with the flu, oranges and grapes, citrus juice and also the vitamin C tablets will work too.

2. Green tea: Tea especially chamomile and peppermint tea contain decongestants, expectorant making them a great way to counter the unearthly feeling that accompanies the flu. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, inhale the aroma and sipaway.

3. Honey : Take a couple of spoons of honey if you have the flu, you can also add it to your green tea, it soothes the itch sensation in the throat. Combining freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey also works.

4. Chicken soup: Soup has for years been identified to possess anti-inflammatory properties which helps combat the mucus misery and make you feel better when  you have the flu. Drinking soup also helps you stay hydrated.

5. Water : If you have a flu, chances are constantly blowing your nose will leave you dehydrated. So be sure to get enough fluids,Water, juices rich in Vitamin C and also tea. Drink as much as you can.

If you have the flu, this isn't the time to go shopping or playing soccer with the guys, you need sufficient rest and a stress free environment. Be sure to stay clear of alcohol too.