This weekend Nigerian pop sensation

We are in the middle of the year but we can declare 2017 as the year of Pablo. The 'Ojuelegba' singer continued his fine form from last year by dropping another collabo with international rap titan Drake- 'Come Closer'.

Despite 6 God not showing up for the Nigerian directed Daps visual, the video was a hit (sitting at an impressive 20 million views). Wizzy proved he could ride the international wave surrounded by melanin beauties.

His next body of work '. The young pop act is already living a life of dreams and legends. Not many singers from West Africa can boast of his accomplishments. Hell, not many people from this sub-region can boast of having an international impact like Wizkid.

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And this is what makes Wizkid a force to be reckoned with not just in music, he has gone past that, but in Nigerian pop culture. The greatest gift Wizkid has given this generation is not a hot new wavy mp3 file or a dope playlist.

What will be Wizkid's legacy is his blueprint- a blueprint of audacity. With nothing but a dream and a hope, Wizkid conquered Lagos, Nigeria, Africa and is now showcasing his talents to the world. And the most important thing is that he did it on his own term.

Wizkid did it without a label, or a high-handed boss dictating who he features with and how he should dress. Wizzy rebelled against the suffocating structure of the grotesque music industry and won. It was a long gamble with moments of doubt. In 2013 and 2014 it looked like Davido had emerged the victor of the pop war but in 2015 Wizkid hit pop gold when Drizzy revamped his 2013 hit single 'Ojuelegba'. The singer is now bringing his vibes to the world.

In the larger scale of things, Wizkid has given young Nigerians out there the audacity to dream and hope that conquering the world is not a childish ambition. Nigeria is not the best place to dream big and achieve great things but yet some of us have found a way against all odds to so. Wizkid is just the latest one.

Granted he has his multitude of critics and his music has been blasted as shallow and paper weight, rightfully so, you cannot take away the fact that he is a giant in a nation where you are told to be a dwarf and dream small.

With every step Wizkid takes forward in the international arena, he is giving hope to a kid out there to dream big and conquer the world with his God-given talent.