Kayla Marie Jones, 25, reportedly drowned her 6-year-old daughter, Azaria Jones to save her from molestation and the world in general on Tuesday.

According to the Police, A report was made that a girl had drowned in a bathtub, arriving at the scene Kayla was soaking wet with no visible emotions. Azaria was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced death on arrival.

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Kayla, however admitted she killed her daughter to save her. she said she held her daughter under water for a minute or two until she stopped moving completely. She had not slept in two days and had been watching television continuously until a voice in her head said, ‘save the child’. She then placed her daughter’s entire clothed body in the bathtub with her face down and held the kid firmly as she struggled to survive and ultimately giving up.

Kayla was produced to court for the first time on Wednesday. The Ramsey County District Court Judge, Shawn Bartsh had order Jones to undergo mental examinations to check whether she has a sound mind and competent to go ahead with the court proceedings. Her bail has been set at $2 million and she will be remaining under police till her next appearance on January 7, 2016.