Students in Thailand protesting with the "Hunger Games" hand signal have been arrested after the military government placed a ban on its use.

The signal is similar to the sign of protest in the popular “Hunger Games” book and film series. Earlier this year, the citizens took up the three-fingered salute as a symbol of protest in response to a military coup in Thailand and the military government responded with an embargo on the hand signals and demonstrations in general.

Some students on Tuesday, November 18 however took up courage to protest during a speech by the Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha, who is the top general that the military installed as the head of the government in August.

According to a BBC report, five students “removed their shirts to reveal T-shirts underneath with a Thai slogan reading "No Coup," and flashed the three-fingered salute, during the Prime Minister’s speech and immediately police officers and soldiers took them away.

“Does anyone else want to protest?” Prime Minister, Chan-Ocha, reportedly asked the crowd after the students were hauled away.

Thai citizens have been critical of the military government since it took powers with a coup in August. The Government however have started a crackdown which has gone beyond students protesting. They also forced a journalist off the air last weekend for interviewing Thai citizens critical of the military’s rule.