It appears long time couple and 'family hustle' stars Clifford 'T.I' Harris and Tameka 'Tiny' Harris are separating after just four years of marriage. It was reported the couple split on saturday shortly after arriving in Los Angeles for the the Grammy awards.

The former Xscape singer, Tiny decided she has had enough of T.I's philandeering ways; the fact that he doesn't support her new business  venture-a tequila line which T.I believes will send out wrong signals to their young fans.

The last straw for Tiny was a rumour that T.I slept with one of her close female friends! This is not the first time the couple will go their separate ways but it seems this time Tiny has made up her mind to leave!

T.I who has 3 children with other women (Tiny has a daughter from a previous as well) was reported to be devastated by the separation which made him cancel his appearance on sunday's Grammy awards where he was nominated for 3 awards and his rather cryptic instagram post, "Dis da 1st day of da rest of my life!!!IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!! No details necessary...Just try & accept da change. Cuz it is upon us. But if u CANT...Den it's #FUCKwhoever #imwitWHATEVA... From now on And thats #OnDoeB #OnPhil its #Hustlegangovererrrrthang #god #Children #ThatCheck IN THAT ORDER!!!!! What God got for me Cant NOBODY TAKE it away...It's mines!!!!"

The couple have two sons together. Its not clear yet how the break up will affect their reality show.