MC Hammer is back! Not because he released a new track or an album but it's alleged he hasn't been paying taxes to the US government since the 90s.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has ordered Hammer to pay $800,000 in back taxes or face prison. The government has sued the star, real name Stanley K. Burrell and his wife Stephanie, accusing them both of stiffing the IRS to the tune of $798,033.48 on his ’96 and ‘97 income taxes, according to TMZ.

The 51 year old has however come out to defend himself, saying he has receipts to prove he’s not owing the government. He swiftly went on Twitter on Sunday to say, “I put over 5 million dollars in my account asked the IRS how much do you want ? They put it in writing, I paid them and got a receipt,”

MC Hammer enjoyed widespread success in the early 1990s with his flashy dance moves and catchy tunes such as 2 Legit 2 Quit. He later became a preacher and then had a television ministry called MC Hammer And Friends on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He had a net worth of more than $33 million at his peak, but lavish spending and heavy debt forced him to file for bankruptcy in 1996.According to the docs acquired by gossip site TMZ, ‘every red cent Hammer's LLC earns from now on has to go directly to the U.S. treasury to pay down his tab.’So who is saying the truth?