The claims by Nigeria's first known transgender, Miss SaHHara, who was formerly known as Oche Clifford, that she was actually an hermaphrodite and that she decided to go for a sex change because she was being persecuted by her people in Benue State, Nigeria, has been debunked by a former school mate at the Benue State University, who claimed that Miss SaHHara was already a known homosexual while in school and that it was actually his white gay lover who sponsored her trip abroad.

The young man who said he lived in the same hostel and an off campus house together with Clifford, said that by trying to justify her sex change status with the fact that he was harassed, beaten, locked up and his life threatened by her folks, he is just lying to get sympathy from the white people.

In this incisive mail, the guy tells it all.

Oche Clifford is, and was never an hermaphrodite. I knew Clifford Oche way back in Benue State University. I was in Linguistic department and lived off campus in the same compound with him.

I know of his secret homosexual activities & the numerous visits from his lovers including a white male lover who he usually communicated with on a dating site and even met up with at an hotel twice before he eventually secured his visa to travel out of the country without completing his Mass communication course.

I was even among the only heterosexual guys who’s ever seen his manhood! The gay fool used to stay in the boys hostel but was always fond of hiding to take his bath before or after we guys take ours.

Sometimes the idiot would observe us take our bath and leave before he get to take his. Then I used to stay on campus in my 2nd year, so a couple of us guys got together out of curiosity because the gay rumours had been long circulating, and some of us that were beginning to suspect he might have a female organ intercepted Clifford on his way into the bathroom, tore his towel off and to our shock, saw a huge erected banana.

God knows what he had on his mind. He squealed and hurriedly grabbed his towel back before rushing back to his room. So I can confidently confirm to you all that that gay is not a hermaphrodite as you’ve been misinformed.

Clifford Oche moved out of the boys' hostel 2 weeks later and 3 months after, I moved to a self contained apartment off campus only to discover Clifford was one of my neighbours and that was when my suspicion was confirmed.

He had one particular older man who usually sneaked into his own section late at night and left very early before the rest of the compound woke. I confronted him along with some of the neighbours but he denied it but I had seen the suspicious sneaking around and gay activities/parties.

I even almost strangled him one day when he attempted some hidden gay green light towards me. He never dared try that funny stunt with me since that day, good for him else I was prepared to C**OFFHISFU*KINGDI**K.

That guy is gay and twisted, better know it today! I bet the idiot possibly got tired of his torn anus and opted for the operation cos he always had stack of tissues in his rooms and was said to use them to cover up his asshole. That explains the stack of cheap body sprays and that awful smell around him.

What a disgrace to his family! Smuff! The real Clifford Oche is a flat arsed, skinny, flat chested, dry looking and of a smelly chicken whose tongue is as sharp as razor. What you get to see in print is fake! All that Miss SaHHara bullshit is from the pit of hell cos he used to act possessed too and had a slight mental issue. You guys on his side know nothing of the real Clifford R. Oche we know.