A Nigerian police officer who took time off to get himself soaked in alcohol was given the humiliation of his life by residents of a community with the incident captured on video.

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In the video that has gone viral, the drunk police officer is seen lying on the ground with residents taking turns to humiliate and making a mockery of him.

The officer who was so drunk that he could hardly stand up was then made a laughing stock as the residents poured water and sand on him as he struggled to get to his feet.

All the while, the drunk gallant officer is not letting his tormentors have it all their way as he continued invoking woe on to them.

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He is heard screaming continuously:

"Woe unto you people; woe unto you, woe unto you."

This is not the first time police officers have gotten drunk and messed up themselves, thereby giving the force a bad name. Many of them have sent innocent souls to their early graves whom they accidentally gun down in their state of drunkenness

Watch the video here.