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"My name is Humphrey, a 38-year-old man living and working in Lagos. I have an issue that has been bugging me and I want to share with other readers to get some valuable advice from them on the steps to follow.

I am about to get married next month but as it is, I am skeptical and feel my life may be in danger. The reason for my current reservation is that I caught my fiancee, Tolu, in a pot of food she was preparing for me and this has made me fear for my life.

I don't know what she has done to me already but I will never forget the day I caught her red handed in the act. That day, an old school mate of mine who has been living abroad came back to Nigeria and called that he would be visiting me. I was so happy that after almost 10 years, James made a sudden appearance and wanted to visit me.

I called Tolu from the office and told her to go home and prepare a meal for us. I closed earlier than I usually did and went to Shoprite where I bought a bottle of wine to use in entertaining my friend.

From there, I drove home and as I was climbing the staircase to my flat, I percieved the aroma of food wafting from the kitchen. After dropping the wine on the dining table, I tiptoed to the kitchen to see what Tolu was preparing, without announcing my arrival like I usually did.

My intention was to surprise her. As I was about to step into the kitchen, I saw her through the open window bring out a wrapped paper from her pocket, glanced around furtively before opening the paper and sprinkled the substance into the pot of food.

I was shocked and stood rooted to where I was. It dawned on me that what she poured into the food was not part of the ingredient because she had returned it into her pocket.

When I recollected my senses, I silently went out of the house and drove to a nearby beer parlour where I spent an hour before going back home.

Pretending that I was just coming back, I asked Tolu what she prepared for me and she told me the table was already set. I told her I was not hungry and had to wait for my friend. She insisted I ate first before my friend came but I insisted I was not going to eat just yet.

She kept on pressurizing me to eat but unlike me, I refused and she got annoyed but what I saw made me reject all appeals from her.

Even when James came, I stylishly took him out for lunch and since that day, I have never eaten any food she prepares without her eating from the same plate.

Our wedding is gathering momentum but I am not too keen on it as I was before my discovery. I am tempted to call it off but I do not know what to tell my family.


The teaser for the was:

What would you do if you caught your fiancee putting poison in your food a month to your wedding?

How Nigeria voted:

I will call off the wedding - 41%

I will let her know what she did and go ahead with the wedding - 17%

I will tell our families to call her to order - 5%

That will be the end of the relationship - 37%

What will your vote be on this matter?