He is really confused and does not know if he should confess to his wife, Linda, and how she would take the news.

"My name is Ikechukwu, a 38-year-old businessman living in Lagos. I have been married for six years with no child. My wife, Linda, has been a great woman, I must confess, but my quest for a child, especially with my parents being on my neck to give them a grandchild, led me to have several affairs with other women.

But I never knew that the wheels will turn and Linda's best friend, , will turn out to be the one to get pregnant for me. I am not proud to say I cheated on my wife with her best friend but it just happened that way.

I did not go all out to sleep with her and till this moment, I can't say how it all happened but I remember that there was this day I visited her when she was ill and Linda was even the one that insisted I visited Comfort since she lived alone.

That day, on my way from work, I decided to go and see her and get her some beverages. When I got to her house, she was still in bed and told me she had not eaten all day. I dashed to an eatery and bought food for her.

When I got back to her house, Comfort said I should take the food to her in her bedroom. While she was eating, we began chatting and without meaning to, the conversation veered towards sex and she told me she had not had sex in over three months since her last boyfriend left her.

The conversation became heated and before I knew it, we had sex and that was the beginning. As much as I tried to put an end to it, we continued to sneak around and sleep together. I was surprised when she told me two months later that she was pregnant for me and showed me the pregnancy test she had.

I was seriously confused and as much as I wanted to have my own child, I tried to convince her to get an abortion but she insisted she would never get one.

Now the pregnancy is in its fourth month. My wife knows her friend is pregnant and has even been buying baby things for her though she has not come out to say who is responsible.

She has been on my neck to tell my wife that I am responsible as well as going to meet her people to tell them.

I am in deep trouble and don't know what will happen when she puts to bed or even tell my wife as she has vowed to.

Should I confess to my wife that her best friend is carrying my baby?


The teaser for the day was:

What advice do you have for Ikechukwu and Comfort in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

I will confess to my wife and beg for her forgiveness - 65%

I will keep the whole thing secret - 18%

I will force Comfort to have an abortion - 4%

I will accept the responsibility and damn the consequences - 14%

How would you vote?