Some mother-in-laws could be trouble and pain in the neck, as a reader, Bridget, found out.

The unhappy lady who is married to the woman's son, says her mother-in-law makes life unbearable for her and she is even contemplating divorcing her husband because of his mother.

Part of her letter reads:

The problem is his mother who does not see anything good in anything I do.

She is so picky and petty over everything, especially if it comes from me. I did not have any issue with my husband till she came to live with us and since then, life has been hell for me.

If I prepare rice, she will say she prefers beans and the day I make egusi soup, she is sure to want something else. I would have not minded her nastiness if she has not decided to use my childlessness to taunt me at every opportunity.

She makes snide comments anytime I am around and just two weeks ago, she openly called me a 'man' who just eats her son's food. She called me different derogatory names including how I used my witchcraft to eat up all my babies.

My husband keeps telling me to bear with her but he has refused to let her go back to the village, saying she is his responsibility.

I know some people might think I am over-reacting but I must say that my mother-in-law is driving up the wall and if I get fed up, I may as well leave my husband for her.

On Pulse Nigeria Poll, this poser was up:

Would you want your mother-in-law to live with you?

How Nigeria voted?

8% - Yes

92% - No

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