All roads are now leading to the convention ground of Holy Ghost Fire Apostolic Church, Ogunse Estate, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State, after an image believed to be that of

Vanguard reports that the strange image allegedly appeared on one of the walls of a building under construction in the church which worshippers assumed was the image of Christ and as word spread about the appearance, worshippers and residents of the area trooped to the church to have a glimpse.

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It was gathered that the image attracted a lot of people thereby turning the church into a Mecca of sorts as some people struggled to see for themselves while others fell down in worship and supplication.

One of the church workers said the scene has been attracting over 400 worshippers daily, but added that the crowd that besieged the church on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, was unprecedented as many people got to hear of the strange appearance.

It was learned that on the morning of Wednesday, July 12, many people visited the church individually and in groups, praying and singing praises to God, while some transporters seized the opportunity to hike their fares as many people still struggle to get to the church.

When Vanguard reporters visited the scene, they met a stained soaked wall which looked like an image with some of the worshippers dropping sachets and bottles of water by the wall to be blessed, while others knelt down or touched the image praying aloud.

The construction work at the church compound has been put on hold due to the number of pilgrims turning up to catch a glimpse of the image.

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One of the worshippers, Adetoun Folajimi, said she came with a lot of prayer requests, hoping that they will be granted soon while another female worshipper, Stella Amuse, said she came all the way from Parafa in Ikorodu, after she heard about the strange news, claiming that she saw Jesus Christ on the cross which was a sign that her prayers will be answered.