A school girl, Lateefat, 15, has been reportedly drugged by a 25-year-old pastor, Oluwaseun Badejo, who also

This happened in Somolu, Lagos, according to Punch News, which gathered that Badejo had sex with the victim on multiple occasions.

She was rescued by her brother who barged into the suspect's apartment after observing Lateefat's sandals by his doorstep.

Oluwaseun Badejo, who is also a screen printer has been handed over to the police.

“She went to school on Monday and did not return home. On Tuesday, her mother became worried and called me to ask if I knew her whereabouts. That was because her school was near my house.

“When I got to her school, I did not see her and I reported back to her mother that she was also not in school. The mother and I went to meet her teacher to ask for her whereabouts.

“The teacher called some of her friends, who seemed to know her movements. They took us to the man’s shop, but she was not there. They suggested we go to the man’s house.

“We hid somewhere, while her friends went to check. They reported back that they found her sandals at the man’s apartment. I am a scout member. So, with my training, I barged in and got the man arrested.

“We saw Lateefat on the bed; she could not stand. We took her to a hospital and handed the man over to the police," the victim's brother who was not identified told Punch News.

Problem started after brother got Lateefat a phone

The victim, Lateefat, became an easy prey for the alleged rapist after getting a new phone from brother.

This had given her an unhindered access to social media platform Facebook, where she began friendship with the suspect.

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He reportedly succeeded in raping Lateefat having received help from a friend who is also in police custody.

“Actually, the girl’s brother gave her a mobile phone sometime in January and she opened a Facebookaccount. That was how she accepted the friendship request of the suspect in February and they started chatting.

“After her mother collected the phone from her, the man gave one of Lateefat’s friends his telephone number and succeeded in luring her and the friends to his shop. He bought drinks for them that day.

“The girl in her statement said he later invited Lateefat to his house. The first time she went, he did not do anything to her. It was the second time that he abducted her; she was in her school uniform that day.

“Despite the fact that the girl was menstruating, he forcefully made love to her after drugging her drink.

“She woke up at 1:00 am after midnight. That morning again, he raped her. When the girl tried to shout, he covered her mouth. The girl said all her pleas  fell on deaf ears," a police source told Punch.

The Lagos State Police have their sights set on identifying the substance added to a soft-drink which made the victim to lose consciousness for a long period.

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Spokesperson for the command, SP Chike Oti, confirmed this in a report also published by Punch News.

He mentioned that Oluwaseun Badejo initiated communication with the school girl by sending her prayers that successfully prompted a meeting.