Comics have an uncanny way of depicting our unique way of living by using humour.

Ultimately, its more than just the comic but the brain behind the funny strips. Remember

The set of comics published defined a Nigerian era of entertainment and pop culture. As readership of Nigerian dailies begin to dwindle, comics have gone online. These comics have attracted a younger set of Nigerians who are hooked on their smartphone.

Among the new set of comic artists is Justin Irabor is the mastermind behind arguably the most known comic series Obaranda online for Nigerians today.

Irabor on a weekly basis releases a fresh trip of boldly coloured comic that resonates with Nigeria. The comic is unapologetically and humorously Nigerian. Obaranda highlights the struggles of an everyday aboki, Nigerian churches, choir leader and Twitter etiquette.

Justin Irabor also switches it up once in a while and releases comics based on global pop culture such as '' and ''.  He publishes his comic weekly on his site. As of now, no Nigerian news site has syndicated the weekly comic.

The newspaper industry in Nigeria should look more into this lane as more and more Nigerians are displaying their world class graphic design skills on social media.