Yesterday, Thursday, March 23, 2017, the

This was done to honour the people who died in the Westminster attacks in London Wednesday, March 22, 2017. There is nothing wrong in doing this but a lot of Nigerians wondered why the the football authorities failed to mourn the Nigerians who died from a terrorist attack on Wednesday morning.

Several Nigerians blasted the football body for neglecting its own people and eye service to the British people. Pictures from the match reveals the Super Eagles without black armbands but still double standard of the NFF sadly highlights how we treat ourselves in this country.

When the latest Boko Haram attack happened which left 7 Nigerians dead, many Nigerians didn't react to the news. They couldn't be bothered really. The bomb blast was no different to a bomb blast in Baghdad. Nigerians could care less.

The sad truth is that we do not value human lives in this country. We mourn the death of foreigners and neglect the innocent lives that have been lost in the North-East.

The response of the British people to the Westminster attack shows how much they value a human life. Quickly, after the ugly incident, Brits came out united. They clearly let the world know that this incident wasn't going to rock them or make them hide in fear. They mourned the lives that were lost especially the ones who gave down their lives so that others could survive.

I doubt we know the names of Nigerians that were killed on Wednesday morning. We are not mourning them. There are no flags at half-mast. It's business as usual like nobody died.

We don't value human lives that's why I find it silly when some of us blame Western countries for not sympathizing with us when there is a deadly Boko Haram strike. Why would they? We don't value human life so why should they value the life of an average Nigerian?

Our apathy towards the loss of lives shows that we are not a nation of brothers but a collection of strangers.