The Senate is really bent on starting impeachment proceedings on President Goodluck Jonathan and they have listed 14 purported sins of the Nigerian leader which include corruption, lack of political will, not being able to contain the Boko Haram insurgents, ridiculing the office of the president, non accountability and running presidential jets, among others.

They believe they have very strong reasons to impeach Jonathan but many political analysts believe the grouse of the Senators stem from the removal of automatic tickets for them to run in 2015 elections and investing powers in the state governors by the ruling PDP and they are using the impeachment threat to try and force the president's hands.

But another set of Nigerians believe the impeachment of GEJ is long overdue and should have been done years ago.

On Morning Teaser today, we want to feel your pulse: would you support moves by the Senators to impeach President Jonathan?