Before now, my marriage to was one very happy one until I was with one of her friends who practically seduced me and today, I am full of regrets because Bunmi has vowed never to forgive me.

I know many people will blame me here and they will be right in their condemnation. Even my close friends and family members have put all the blame on me and I have accepted my fault but what is uppermost on my mind is how to convince my wife to forgive me and come back home.

The whole sordid affair started when , Bunmi's close friend had accommodation problems and had to move in with us while she sorted herself out. Initially, Bunmi was not happy with her coming to stay with us but I felt since they were friends, there was nothing wrong with helping her.

Little did I know that I was inviting the devil into our home and that she would cause us much pain because no sooner had she come in that she began flirting with me.

Naturally, as a man, I felt proud that a woman was throwing herself at me so brazenly but I vowed that I would not fall for the temptress. But how was I to know that if a woman wanted a man, she could go to any length to get him?

It was in the second month of her stay with us that it happened. That day, I was a bit under the weather and could not go to work. After dropping off Bunmi at work and the kids at school, I got back home to meet Dami and when I asked her why she did not go to her office, she told me that she was not feeling too well.

How convenient it was for her to fall sick on the same day I could not go to work. I retired to my room and slept off only for her to wake me up later and told me she had prepared me some food.

I dragged myself to the dining and after eating the food, I felt dizzy and thought I was running temperature again. I went to my room to sleep off only to wake up later to find Dami on me.

When I tried to push her off me, she pressed me down with such strength I never knew she had. What did I have to lose, I told myself, after all, she was the one that threw herself at me. I settled down and enjoyed the sex with her.

After that day, I was hooked on her and we seized any opportunity to have sex. I would skip work and arrange for her to meet me at a hotel where we would have sex all day. I would sneak into her room when Bunmi was not around just to sleep with her.

But the day of reckoning came when she announced that she was pregnant and that she would never think of an abortion. I pleaded with her to terminate the pregnancy but she refused.

She said I should tell my wife about her pregnancy or she would have to do it herself. I thought she was joking but how wrong I was. I came back from work one day to meet find out that Bunmi had packed out, taking our kids along with her.

When I asked Dami where my wife was, she told me that she had informed Bunmi that she was pregnant for me.

I called my wife but she refused to pick my calls. It was when I went to her elder sister's place that she told me she would not come back to me for betraying her in such a callous manner.

I have been begging her since then, sending emissaries to her, pleading with her to give me another chance all to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Jezebel in the house insists on my marrying her. I am in a serious dilemma here and I need help.


Dear readers, after going through Nathaniel's story on Morning Teaser today, what would you advise that he should do to salvage his marriage?