I am very comfortable as I live alone in my own duplex in the Lekki area of Lagos State, have three cars and I also run my own business apart from my regular job.

In spite of my relative comfort, me as most of the men I meet are all after my money and once they get what they want, they dump me so fast I would not know what hit me.

One thing I believe has always played against me is the fact that I am very free and generous with what I have especially when I am in a relationship.

I can go to any length to make my man comfortable and I remember how I gave two of my ex-boyfriends’ money to either set up a business or travel out of the country with the hope we would get married but in the end, they have always disappointed me.

I met two years ago and fell hopelessly in love with him. I felt I had finally met the man who would fulfill my dreams and spend the rest of his life with me.

Initially, Hanks proved to be a very reliable lover and made me believe he was not like the rest. I came to trust him and made sure he lacked nothing.

He worked in a company that owed him salaries for many months and was always broke, so I gave him money every month to take care of his needs and those of his family members.

I even gave him one of my cars and he had access to my home at any time. I made him a signatory to one of my accounts and told him anytime I needed to withdraw my own money.

But little did I know that Hanks was not only cheating on me but was also playing me for a fool. The first test was when I asked him when he would come to see my parents but he said he was not ready just yet.

When I told a friend, she said I should pretend to be pregnant and see what his reaction would be.

I took her advice and told Hanks that I was two months pregnant but his reaction showed he had no good intentions for me as Hanks told me I have to abort the pregnancy and he was very serious about it.

I told him I would do no such thing and that if he really loved me, he should do the right thing. That was when the real Hanks came to the fore as he told me he was not ready to be a father and was not ready to settle down in the next few years.

But I later got to know that he had actually proposed marriage to a lady he was dating secretly and that plans were in top gear for them to go for their introduction.

When I confronted Hanks with the evidence I had gathered, he told me he was waiting for the right time to tell me about the lady and that he was sorry for hurting.

I was so mad at him that I had to get him arrested so I could retrieve my car and get him to relinquish being a signatory to my account.

I am very hurt and angry at the moment. I don’t know why there seem to be so few trustworthy men around. Was I not meant to have happiness in my life?


Dear readers, you have read another touching and pathetic story on Morning Teaser today. So we want you to advice Amanda on what she should do in the situation she has found herself in.