My daughter came when I had almost lost hope of having a female child and she became my best friend and confidante.

I love my daughter so much and can even give my life for her. My husband, , also dotes on her without pampering her.

His family too also love her a lot and they take turns in having her over for holidays but all that has changed as my husband's younger brother, , a 30-year-old man when he came to visit us two weeks ago.

The painful thing is that the family wants me to keep quiet about the abuse of my baby so that its name would not be brought into disrepute.

They have been mounting  pressure on me and my husband not to report the case to the police because it would ruin their reputation.

Ndubuisi too seems to agree with them and has been begging me to play down the rape and should not do anything to escalate the matter.

But my family members are not thinking in that line as they want me to take up the case or they would do it on my behalf.


Dear readers, after reading Nora's story on Morning Teaser today, we would like you to tell her what to do to get justice for her daughter.