My friend, , has snatched my husband, , and is currently carrying a three-months-old pregnancy for him.

The annoying thing is that my husband is carrying on as if nothing happened and wants me to either accept the situation or I should pack out of his house.

I have been married for six years without a child and I have ben praying fervently to God for His blessings but with every passing year, I become very worried and even though the doctors I have visited keep telling I am not barren and that I should not worry, I have lost confidence in them.

I have also visited some men of God who have prayed for me, given me assignments and fastings but nothing has ever come out of it.

Cammy and his family have been worried and even though they have supported me, I also know they have had meetings behind my back with a view to finding a solution to our childlessness.

So with my inability to give him a child and the fact that Joyce is pregnant for him, Cammy and his family seem to be very happy with the situation and are not worried about how I feel.

Joyce has been my good friend for years though we were not the best of friends, so when she approached me last year to help accommodate her after her landlord gave her a quit notice, I did not see any reason why I should not help her.

I thought that within a few months, she would be able to get an apartment, so I convinced Cammy to allow her to use our guest room since it was just lying empty.

But how would I have known the devil was sending her into my home to destroy my marriage. When she came in, she became a great help as she always cooked and kept the house clean before I got back from work.

Within a short while, Cammy and Joyce became good friends and I often found them engaging each other in political and sporting discussions but how was I to know they had more in common than met the eyes.

I only became aware when I noticed that Joyce was sleeping a lot, throwing up in the mornings and generally putting on weight. When I asked her what was wrong with her, she told me she had malaria and would soon be okay as she was taking medications.

But last month, Cammy woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he had something very important to discuss with me. He told me that what he had to tell me would be hard to take but that I should just brace up and live with the situation.

In truth, what I had in mind was that he was going to tell me he was divorcing me due to my inability to give him a child. I was in deep trepidation when he jolted me to reality to tell me that he has been having a secret affair with Joyce and that she is pregnant for him.

He then told me he has decided to make her his second wife and that his family was aware and in support of his decision.

Since the day Cammy told gave me the news, I have been crying and blaming myself for allowing Joyce into my home. To make matters worse, Cammy has made me move into the guest room while Joyce has moved into our bedroom and is behaving as the woman of the house while treating me as the visitor.

My family has told me not to leave my husband while my pastor says she used juju to hold my husband and that with prayers, I will overcome in the end.

But for how long will I keep waiting for God to show Himself and restore my marriage?


Dear readers, we have another serious case of betrayal of trust by two people Eucharia trusted so much. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to help her with some pieces of advice before she lost her marriage.