Ugorji posted a disclaimer notice on his Facebook wall on Friday, December 6, 2017, stating that he has nothing to do with Help Naija.

"This disclaimer notice is an express warning to all participants of MMM NIGERIA that I (Chuddy Ugorji) never launched any community named HELPNAIJA and am not part of any Donation Exchange or Mutual Aid Donation apart from MMM Nigeria, and as such have nothing to do with whoever came up with the idea claiming I launched HELPNAIJA on the 3rd of January 2017 and it's as such have no affiliation to MMM NIGERIA.

"It is an imitation of MMM NIGERIA and not in any way related.

Please Disregard any information not posted on My Facebook Wall.

Wish you all a prosperous New Year, God bless you all" he wrote.

In 2016, MMM Nigeria dominated the headlines but the Ponzi scheme called Naija Help Givers was also in operation.

After shutting down its site in September it relaunched a few days later.

Naija Help Givers promises a 50% return on each investment per month.

In December 2016, Chuddy Ugorji came out to deny that he brought MMM to Nigeria after several allegations were made.

On his Facebook account, Ugorji wrote an open letter addressed to his fellow 'Mavrodians' and stated that MMM Nigeria is not his creation. He stated that he is one of the admins of the Ponzi scheme in Nigeria and not one of the creators.