For stabbing his rival with a broken bottle, a 26-year-old man as Emeka, is in serious trouble as the police in Madalla, Niger State, during a quarrel.

The incident, according to Daily Trust, left the victim seriously injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

An eyewitness narrates that the incident happened on Sunday, June 21, 2015, around 9 pm, when the victim who resides at Rafin-Sanyi area of Suleja, went to visit his girlfriend at Madalla.

When he got to the area, the victim decided to stay at a drinking joint and call the lady to come and meet him there. Unofrtunately for him, the lady was in Emeka's house when the all came in and she quickly gave him an excuse and went to meet the other man.

Suspecting that something was fishym the assailant reportedly trailed the woman, only to meet her at the joint with another man.

Emeka was said to have immediately challenged his rival and a fight ensued and in the process, he picked up a bottle, broke it on the wall and stabbed the victim.

Seeing his rival slump in a pool of his blood, Emeka attempted to escape but was apprehended by some vigilante officials in the area and handed over to the police.

A vigilante official narrated:

“We were on patrol when we saw people gathered at a drinking joint and we went to find out what was happening. On getting there, we saw a man lying on the floor with blood gushing out from his body.”