It was a bad day in the office for a man who tried his hands at

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According to the person who posted the sad incident on his Instagram account, Otijah, the thief had sneaked into their compound to steal the cables in the dead of night but was caught by the security man on duty.

The security man raised an alarm which brought a crowd and they quickly stripped him and gave him the beating of his life.

He was made to roll in the mud for hours and his situation could have been worse because the crowd wanted to set him ablaze if not for Otijah who rushed to call the police and he was rescued and taken away.

This is what Otijah wrote:

"This guy was caught stealing cables used for wiring our house last night in Oba in Anambra state.

He was caught by the Hausa security man on guard, and beaten to a pulp by the whole community. I had to rush and call the police as I noticed they were about setting him on fire."

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Many Nigerians have continued to decry this type of treatment given to suspects while the bigger thieves are walking free and even held in high esteem.