Theres been a long war over the superiority of Jollof over Fried Rice, but this single tweet has ended the battle.

The battle and debate for which is greater between Jollof and Fried Rice is as old as indpendence. It's like trying to decide who's greater between Messi or Ronaldo. The argument never ends, but it looks like someone finally settled it.

Praise the Lord.

There's this incredible chef that's quite famous on Social Media. Thelma is a food pornstar, literally. She knows how to make taste buds go bunkers. So she declared her allegiance to Fried Rice.

That tweet was doing just fine, gathering hundreds of retweets. The Jollof gang had the perfect comeback.

Enter, Lord Vino.

Lord Vino is an Architect and MC, according to his Twitter bio. He says he's the only MC with to two MScs (Bye bye Naeto C).

We think the second MSc is a Masters in Comebacks. This is what he said about Thelma's tweet.

This tweet had us like,

This battle is officially over. Cased closed. We have a winner, and of course, it is the almighty, ever slaying, ever sweet, party rider, national treasure, national monument.

The one and only Jollof Rice. This case is dismissed till Fried Rice can come forward with a stronger argument.

Now, can we go back to reminding Ghanaians that are Jollof is better than their own?

Oh, I forgot we already won that one too. Class dismissed.