A civil servant,

Rose, the petitioner, who resides in Nyanya, said this when she testified in a divorce petition she filed against her husband.

“My husband said he will kill me and my children and use us for money ritual.

“He said that my father who handed me over to him for marriage is dead so he can do anything to me and nobody will say anything,” she said.

The petitioner told the court that her husband plans to bring another woman into their home.

“He said that the way he brought me into the house, he will bring another woman, that I cannot do or say anything”

She said that her husband had threatened to kill her if she did not move out of the house willingly, adding that “the house he is asking me to move from is my house.

“My husband wants to bring another woman to come and leave in the house I built with my money.

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“I gave my husband the money to purchase the land; he purchased the land in his name. When I got more money, I still gave him to start building the house,” she said.

She begged the court not to allow him throw her and the children out of the house, saying, “I have used all my money to train our children up to university level, now I don’t have money again.”

She also told the court that her husband does not provide for the family.

“When I complained to him that I am fed up of taking all the financial responsibility of children, he told me that his other children are been taken care of by their mother in the village,” she added.

Uko Effiong, the respondent, denied the allegations.

The President of the court, Everyman Eleanya, adjourned the case till September 26, 2016 for continuation of hearing