The Indian Police Force have arrested two Nigerians, Kenneth Jideo and Obuneme Victor, for drug trafficking in the city of Bangaluru, a popular place in Karnataka.

Report says that the pair, who visited the country using a business visa had been engaging in the illicit business six months before they were arrested.

According to a report by India Mail, the men were caught during a raid exercise to rid the city of illegal immigrants.

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The reports reads,  "The incident took place while the police were on the raid to rid the state of illegal immigrants."

"They came across Kenneth whose visa had expired since March and was illegally staying in the country."

"They were caught by the bangaluru police while selling cocaine to college students in the region."

The Nigerians were found in possession of  Rs 5.5 lakh worth of cocaine, equivalent to $9,040.

A confession was made by the suspects, who will be tried according to the Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of 1985.