Members of a church in Sapele, Delta State, were thrown into shock and astonishment when a woman reportedly ran mad during a deliverance service conducted on her younger sister who had been married for 12 years without a child to call her own.

According to a Facebook user, Sanco Ese Darlinton who claimed to be a witness, the elderly woman had taken the younger sister to the deliverance service at the Covenant of Greatness Christian Bible Church run by Prophet Henry Osasere, following a series of problems she had been having in her marriage and had not seen her menstrual flow for 12 years.

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Darlinton said that during the service, Prophet Osasere called out the sister and placing a hand on her forehead, and prayed for her after telling her that she had an issue in her marriage and has not seen her menstruation for 12 years.

The Prophet then allegedly prayed that whosoever was responsible for the problem would go mad and immediately, the older sister reportedly started stripping herself naked and behaving in a funny way before she was overpowered and taken away.

Read what Darlinton posted on his Facebook wall:


Yesterday was the second day of a program organized by Covenant of Greatness Christian Bible Church by Reclamation Garage, Sapele.

This lady brought her junior sister whose menstrual flow stopped at the age of 18 and has not been able to give birth for 12 years.

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The man of God, Prophet Henry Osasere, laid hands on the lady and prayed that the person responsible for her situation should run mad.

Immediately, the senior sister who brought her to the church ran mad instantly. Now, I pray whoever is responsible for your predicament and pretending to be a friend should run mad and die in Jesus name."