It was truly a shocking scene when a man in Zimbabwe identified as

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The 48-year-old Mashudi from Limpopo, according iMzansi, allegedly confessed that he had been in the habit of havinghomosexual sex with his 21-year-old son, Zwanga, since the death of the boy's mother in 2013.

But the day of reckoning came for him after he was caught and was almost lynched by the angry villagers who thereafter demanded that he and the son be chased out of the village.

As the crowd continue to bay for the blood of the two, a scared Zwanga narrated how his father usually forced him into the act with the threat to kill him if he refused.

“I did not want to do it but he forced me into it. He has been threatening to kill me if I refused,” Zwanga reportedly told the crowd.

It was also gathered that the son has a mental problem and sometimes walks around naked or disappears from the house for days.

While confessing to the crime, Mashudu said he was instructed by a witch doctor (sangoma) to sleep with his son in order to cure him of his mental state.

“The sangoma said I should sleep with my son and I wanted to see him get better, so I obeyed. After his mother died, I struggled to control him, so I had to do whatever it took to heal him.

We tried the prophets but they failed. Then we went to the sangoma. Each time we got intimate, he would actually get better. He was no longer violent.”

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The angry villagers who saw the act as an abomination, went ahead to set the man's house on fire before police arrived whisked them away from the crowd.