1. Let go of people you don't need anymore : Do spring cleaning on your instant message contact list, so called ‘friends’ who are not making your life better its time to release them and hope for better people who will uplift you in 2014.

2. Pay all debts : Entering the new year with debt is a bad omen, try as much as possible to pay off all your debts.

3. Get closure : All those who you have offended this year apologize to them so they can be free of anger towards you, tell them you know you screwed up and offer your heartfelt apologies even if you don't still want to be friends, surround yourself with positive energy.

4. Make a list : Draw up a listicle and state the bad habits you want to stop in the year 2014 and also the good you want to achieve.

5. Set money aside : During the festive season there is the tendency for everyone to overspend especially those whose companies give them the 13th month Christmas bonus, set some money aside that is not to be touched under any circumstances. This will save you during the first few weeks of the new year.

6. Visit an Orphanage : Spread some goodwill this festive season, visit those who are not as privileged as you are, the destitute need love too. Be sure not to go empty handed.

7. Give away : Considering that everyone is still in the spirit of Christmas shopping, this is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and give away clothes that you don't wear anymore and don't fit. There are many people who will be grateful for this gifts.

8. Get a mantra for the new year : Everyone needs some sort of positive affirmation when they wake up in the morning. Some examples are, ‘Be awesome today’, Win’, ‘Don't screw up today’ and many others, they can also be scriptural passages from your religion.

9. Spill your guts : If there is that one person that you have the strongest of emotions for no matter how difficult it is, even if they are dating someone, tell them. Tell them you love them because it unburdens you, they deserve to know and it may be your last chance.

10. Appreciate your friends and family : Call your family and friends, tell them how much you love and appreciate them in your life and hope to start the year with them.