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The 38-year-old Gbemisola who is currently receiving treatment for the injuries she sustained in the attack which had her eyes swollen and bloodied, told the police that her husband has turned her into a punching bag and even beats her in the presence of their four children.

It was gathered that Babatunde who was recently released on bail from the Kirikiri Prison two says earlier, had accused his wife of stealing the money he had kept in his room but when she told him she did not know what happened to the money, he descended on her and gave her the beating of her life.

It only took the intervention of neighbours to restrain him from inflicting more injuries on his wife while the case was reported at the Abattoir Police Division.

The victim, while narrating the ordeal she has been passing through in her husband's hands since they got married 12 years ago, said Babatunde was always beating up anytime they had a quarrel.

“I was very weak that morning because of the stress I passed through to secure his bail from the prison over a land matter.

He woke me up and asked if I took N2,000 from his clothes. I said no. When he continued to accuse me, I asked him why he thought I would steal his money when I spent over N20,000 and borrowed money from friends to facilitate his release.

I told him to stop disturbing me. He then started punching me in the face and my eyes became swollen. My children begged him, but he refused.

It was our neighbours who rescued me from him. I am fed up, but I don’t want to pack out because of my children.

I can no longer bear the beating. He beats me to the point that I won’t be able to open my shop for days.

I took a loan of N200,000 to start the business, but it has been difficult for me to repay it because of these troubles. I have reported to the police at the Abattoir division and they promised to get him arrested,” she said in tears.

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But Babatunde, however, denied beating his wife, saying she slipped and fell during a quarrel and injured herself.

“I didn’t beat her. It was a lie. It was true that we had a misunderstanding that day but I never used my hands on her. She fell and hit her face on an object. Our families have been trying to resolve it,” he said.