It seems Kenyan women are becoming more promiscuous by the day as another cheating wife has been caught by her husband

According to Kenya Post, the woman was on her annual leave when she decided to bring home her lover who happens to be her colleague at work when the husband was away.

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The woman who is said to be married with three children, according to neighbours, had the habit of bringing men to her family home in a suburb of Nairobi whenever the husband was at work but on the day she was busted, she thought the husband would be away for long.

So she invited her colleague lover to the house for a sex romp but while in the middle of it, the husband came back from work and caught the adulterous pair right on his bed having sex.

The angry husband was said to have forced the woman to join the lover boy and leave his house.

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The Kenya Post also had the incident up on its twitter handle.