At the mention of the names, Sanyeri, Okunnu and Saka, viewers of Yoruba movies readily reel out laughing as the three characters might as well be referred to as the funniest Yoruba actors in town.

From investigations conducted by Pulse, the trio appear as a group or individuals in almost all the Yoruba movies churned out by producers fortnightly since 2013.


Born Olaniyi Afonja in Oyo State, Sanyeri is one of the leading funny Yoruba actors that took over the terrain in the last four years. An actor with a career spanning 23-years, the actor hit the limelight after playing a lead role with his buddy, Adekola Tijani in the hit comedy flick, . He further showed the stuff he is made of after starring in , which featured Odunlade Adekola and Adekola Tijani . Sanyeri has since become the toast of Yoruba movie producers as he has become one of the frequently used comedy relief star for several Yoruba movies. Sanyeri attended both St. Michael Primary School, Oke-Ebo and Durbar Grammar School, Oyo Town, Oyo State.


Born Wale Akorede, Okunnu is one of the few indigenous Yoruba actors who leave viewers reeling out in laughter and consistently asking for more. With countless numbers of interesting movies to his credit, one of his strength lies in his dialogue for every role he plays. Undoubtedly witty and a laudable role interpreter, Okunnu has features in movies that include and several more.


Hafiz Oyetoro became a popular face that emerged from playing the role of Saka in Greg and Debbi Odutayo produced sitcom, . His ability to leave viewers enthralled was noticed by Opa Williams and he was again casted for the role of Baba Kafaya in the sitcom, . A senior lecturer at the Lagos State College of Education, Saka became the toast of Yoruba movie producers after he appeared on several ads for telecommunication company, Etisalat. His talent further created a buzz after he led the famous MTN campaign . He has acted in several Yoruba movies and has been rated one of the three funniest characters in Yoruba movies.