On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, news hit the street that on-air-personalities Murphy and Sean Amadi were no longer with Brila FM.

Their exit from the sports radio station can best be described as controversial. On the day of his exit, Murphy, as he is popularly known, went on a Twitter rant which has since been deleted.

In his series of tweets, Murphy Ijemba hinted on unfavourable working conditions and welfare.

Today, Friday, September 8, 2017, Brila FM has released a statement concerning the issue.

"In view of enquiries by truly concerned listeners and patrons on changes within the organization’s Lagos station, management wishes to inform as follows:

"An internal reorganisation that involved transfers and redeployments of some members of staff was undertaken to strengthen shifts across all times of the day.

" and were deployed to new shifts in Lagos with Yinka swapping positions with Sean, while (Lagos to Abuja), (Abuja to Kaduna) and (Kaduna to Lagos) were transferred. Everyone, except Sean, has reported to their new duty posts.

"Murphy Ijemba was not redeployed from the evening belt. Indeed, the redeployments notice stated that Murphy retains the Mon-Friday belt while Dogo Francis, a pioneer member of our Popular Side Team handles the Saturday and Sunday evening belts when Murphy is off-duty.

"Sean and Murphy have not resumed duty since postings were announced.

"They were not sacked and the organization, till date, has not received a resignation letter from any or each of them. We reiterate that Murphy was not posted out of the evening belt.

"Management was, therefore, shocked to read spurious and libellous online posts by Murphy against the station, his colleagues and management.

"As shifts have to be handled, the vacated evening belt post had to be quickly filled by Dogo Francis who headed the same belt on our Kaduna station.

"The company’s employee handbook, signed by every member of staff upon joining the organisation, gives the company the discretion on where, when and the time belt employees work.

"It also states that duplication of service, particularly sports service, for self or others while still, an employee is against the terms of an agreement made clear when hired with a signed document binding company and staff. We applaud your comments, calls, questions and other expressions of care and concern. We will continue to maintain the high standards that have made us your reference in sports casting, the home of the fans.

"Thank you."

Fans of Murphy have taken to his Facebook wall to ask the management of Brila FM what is going on with the OAP.

"Murphy Ijemba I will miss you personally, no one listens to your show without his or her heart filled with joy cos you are unique, you are in a million miles ahead from other sports presenters in Nigeria. Can't wait to listen to you again in another radio station cos you are HOT CAKE" wrote a fan Lekan Emmanuel on his Facebook.

Brila FM was established in 2002 by Larry Izamoje. The radio station is the leading sports station in Nigeria.

Murphy has not responded to our inquiry on the issue.