Nollywood actress, Christiana Nkem, popularly known as Tana Adelana, has taken to instagram to celebrate 8 years of matrimony with her husband, Femi Adelana.

The Muliti-award winning OAP, model, Red Carpet host, and producer, put up a picture of her and her husband, withe the caption:

"Don't need to say much. #MRX #supportsystem #myshoulder #mylove #weddinganniversary #8years #11yearsoffriendship."

Last month, in an interview with Sun News, when she was asked what advise she had for intending spouses, she said:

"I was very young when I got married. I never had the formula for marrying the right man but I married Femi Adelana because he loved me unconditionally.

Love is very important in marriage and every other thing is additional. But a lot of people get into mar­riage for different reasons; money, comfort, physical looks or money.

Hon­estly, love or comfort is not enough reason to consider in choosing your spouse but you need God to have a sus­tainable marriage and if you make God the pillar of your marriage, it will never collapse.

And most importantly, we must be submissive to our spouses."

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