A 28-year-old graduate has been found dead in a well, five years after he became mentally ill.

The deceased, identified simply as Kehinde, lived with his father on Omosebi Olugbo Street, Ketu area of Lagos.

He had been declared missing for days before his bloated body was found inside a well.

According to reports, Kehinde had suddenly become mentally ill five years ago, a condition which kept him indoors until days before his death.

It was also reported that he had recently recovered from the disease after years of being chained indoors.

A resident of the area, John Awesu, told Punch that the deceased was popular in the area.

“Kehinde and his twin brother are well educated and they graduated from the university together," Awesu said.

“He had been sick for the past five years and because of that, he was always kept indoors.

“His illness was strange because it was off and on.

"On a particular day, he absent-mindedly walked away from the house before somebody who knew him brought him back home.

“They used to chain his legs and hands to keep him indoors.

"A few times that he stepped out, he was in chains.”

Kehinde's body was found in the well last Friday but the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear and residents of the area are asking questions.

“The well was always locked," a resident told Punch."How Kehinde entered the well is a mystery.”

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, said the case was not reported to the police.