Contrary to what some might think,

During morning Mass on Friday, April 27, 2018, the Holy Father asked people to stop thinking that the afterlife will be boring because it will be an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Referring to the First Reading taken from the Acts of the Apostles, the Pope called Jesus’ resurrection the fulfillment of God’s Promise.

In his words, “The people of God trusted in the promise because they knew God is faithful. We, too, are in movement along the path. When asked where we are heading, we say, ‘Towards heaven!’ ‘So what’s heaven?’ some ask. There we begin to be unsure in our response. We don’t know how best to explain heaven. Often we picture an abstract and distant heaven … And some think: ‘But won’t it be boring there for all eternity?’ No! That is not heaven. We are on the path towards an encounter: the final meeting with Jesus. Heaven is the encounter with Jesus.”

More details on Heaven

Pope Francis continued to talk about heaven as he urged everyone to always remember that “I am traveling in life to meet Jesus.” He added that this meeting will make us happy forever.

“Each of us must say: ‘Jesus is praying for me, working to prepare me a place.’ He is faithful. He does so because he has promised it. Heaven will be this encounter, this meeting with the Lord who went ahead to prepare a place for each of us. This increases our faith,” he also said.

“May the Lord give us the awareness of walking along a path with this promise. May the Lord give us the grace to look upwards toward heaven and think: ‘The Lord is praying for me,’” Pope Francis concluded.