Friday (Jumaat) is regarded as the most important day of the entire week. On this day,

Here are 10 of them, to be observed today:

1. Supplicate all day. It is said in sahih ahadith, that there is an hour on this day on which whatever dua'a is made, it is accepted. Since no one knows about this hour so it is best to make supplications all the day.

2. It is in the Sunnah acts of Jummah that you should read surah Al Aála in the first rakah of namaz and surah Gaathia in the second one.

3. Clip nails and use ittar (non-alcoholic perfume)

4. Take ghusl (obligatory bath).

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5. Use Miswak, and oil your hair.

6. Wear your best clothes to perform the congregational prayer.

7. If possible, then go to the masjid for prayer on foot. Because there is reward of years of nafl fast for every step taken towards to masjid in order to offer congregational prayer.

8. One must go to the mosque of Jummah prayer as early as possible.

9. One must not talk during the khutba and should listen to the khutbah attentively, even if there is something that you do not understand you should still not ask about it and continue to listen.

10. Surah Kahf must be recited on Friday as it will protect from the tourney of Dajjal.