Jehovahs Witness is one of those churches that stands apart from others.

Little wonder, this church has been called many names and has been involved in a lot of controversies.

Thus, there is a need to shed some light on this unique church.

Here are five 'interesting' beliefs that separate Jehovah's Witnesses from other churches.

1. Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus is not part of the Trinity: The Catholic church and other churches believe in the Trinity which consists of  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jehovah Witnesses believe differently. They believe that Jesus is not a part of the Trinity but the Son of God. This belief is based on Mark 12:29.

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2. This church believes that Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom in heaven: According to Jehovah Witnesses, there is a Kingdom of God, which is a real government in heaven and Jesus rules this kingdom. This ruling began in 1914. Revelation 11:15 is the basis of this belief. It says, "Then the seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and loud voices called out in heaven: “The kingdom of the world is now the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever.”

3. This church abstains from blood transfusions: Unlike other churches that have no problem with blood transfusions, Jehovah's Witnesses avoid it. This is because they believe that blood represents life, hence the need to obey and respect it as the giver of life by abstaining from blood transfusions.

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4. Religious titles have no place in this church: Jehovah Witnesses disapprove of religious titles like deacon, elder and the likes. This is because they do not think that much reverence should be given to imperfect men. Thus, Jehovah’s Witnesses refer simply to ministers as “brother.” This is based on what Jesus said: “You are all brothers.”—Matthew 23:8.

5. Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in Hellfire: This church believes that unbelievers will not go to a fiery hell of torment known as Hell. Instead, they will be completely destroyed forever.

Jehovah’s Witness started in the 19th century. It began with a small group of Bible students in the United States.

They studied the Bible, comparing it to the doctrines of other churches.

When things didn't add up, they started publishing their learnings in what is now known as The Watchtower—Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom.

Charles Taze Russell led the Bible studies and was the first editor of The Watchtower.

While other churches might refer to him as their founder, Jehovah's Witnesses do not see him as such because they believe that Jesus is the founder of Christianity and their organisation.

Meanwhile, Jehovah's Witness in Russia has been officially declared an 'extremist organisation' by the Supreme Court.

This ruling affects over 100,000 worshippers across the country.