Archdeacon John Njogu Gachau, One of the 5 priests said to be undergoing investigations for their involvement in homosexuality has denied the claims.

The man of God told ‘The Nairobian' that he found the accusations absurd and distasteful because he is a morally upright man with a wife and 3 children.

He also stated that he was currently under suspension for allegedly luring young boys from his parish into sex.

“These accusations are false, i don't get why a man can level such abhorrent claims against a servant of God, i have never had sex with a fellow man, this is just distasteful," swore Gachau.

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He further said that the parishioners and God  could testify that he stood for the good of the society.

“I feel humiliated, A church i have diligently served for 20 years read the suspension letters publicly,” He said.

The Bishop of Kenya west, Joseph Kagunda formed a 10-man tribunal to investigate the involvement of the 5 priests after people complained of molestation.

The tribunal that sat at St Peter Cathedral Church in Nyeri Town was told that the young men Gachau is accused of molesting spent nights with him at the vicar's house.

The priest allegedly befriended the youth and enticed them to his house for spiritual guidance only for him to abuse them, a claim that Gachau has emphatically denied.

"I just received a call from the Bishop informing me that I was supposed to attend a meeting of senior clergy at the Cathedral. I thought it was a routine meeting but I was mistaken, " he recalled.

Immediately I arrived, I noticed something was amiss since my fellow clergymen were not in the Bishop's office despite seeing their vehicles in the parking yard. When I asked his secretary, I was ushered to a hall where a group was seated," Gachau said.